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International Civil Aviation Day: Projects Around the Globe

December 7, 2021 - Article
Today (December 7) is International Civil Aviation Day. Figurr would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank all our global partners in the aviation industry. Figurr has been working on aviation projects for over 30 years. We've had the good fortune to work with dedicated and motivated clients and partners across Canada, the United States, Australia, Europe, and Asia helping to support the development of the global aviation civil flights industry. International Civil Aviation Day was established in 1994 by the International Civil Aviation Organization. (ICAO, n.d.) Air travel is a critical component of our modern lives. Since the first successful flight in 1903, air travel has expanded exponentially and connected us across the globe. (Love Exploring, n.d.)

A few civil aviation projects that Figurr has worked on include the 116,000 square foot JetBlue Airways Training Centre in Orlando, Florida. The program for this turnkey project includes administrative offices and space for flight simulators, flight training centres, two training cabins and a pool for life raft exercises. We also designed a 94,000 square foot Flight Training Centre for Air Canada at Toronto's Pearson International Airport to support Air Canada's expanding fleet of commercial aircraft. This 3-storey facility accommodates full flight simulators, state-of-the-art IPT devices, associated virtual learning environments, and traditional classroom education, as well as support spaces and administrative offices. We also have experience working in private facilities such as the Aero Toy Store in Dorval, Quebec. This facility houses pre-owned business jets preparing for resale.

Over the past 30 years, we have learned a lot about international travel from our civil aviation partners. One of the most exciting things about this industry is its evolution. Technology is constantly changing, and the need for innovation is critical. We work with partners on the cutting edge of travel. Unmanned flights, electrical vehicle takeoff and landing, and space travel – the future is always bringing new ideas. Today we're working with partners focused on sustainability and green technology, including an emphasis on net-zero and carbon-neutral design, as well as low emissions technology – the future of aviation is green. From our first project to our most recent one, we have stayed on top of the industry changes and are thrilled to continue serving our clients and addressing their needs.

The team at Figurr feels privileged to support the air transportation industry through our work. In honour of International Civil Aviation Day, we're reviewing our global projects, including feasibility studies, design, and full construction projects. See here for a map of Figurr's projects across the globe.


CAE YYZ Flight Training Centre | Vancouver, British Columbia

Air Canada Operations Centre and Training | Vancouver, British Columbia

CFB Comox, Fixed Wing Search and Rescue | Comox, British Colombia

Air Canada In Flight Service Training | Toronto, Ontario

CAE Pearson Training Centre | Toronto, Ontario

Air Canada Pearson Training Centre | Toronto, Ontario 

CFB Trenton, Air Mobility Training Centre | Trenton, Ontario

CFB Petawawa, Medium Heavy Lift Helicopter Training Centre | Petawawa, Ontario

Air Canada Ground Service Equipment Centre | Ottawa, Ontario

Air Canada In Flight Service Training | Dorval, Quebec

Eastman Airport | Eastman, Quebec

Waskaganish Airport | Waskaganish, Quebec

Inotech Aviation | Doval, Quebec

L3 Renovation | Montreal, Quebec

Aero Toy Store Hanger | Montreal, Quebec

AEGO Select Training School | Gatineau, Quebec

CAE Montreal Training Centre Café | Montreal, Quebec

SITA Head Offices | Montreal, Quebec

CAE Montreal Training Centre | Montreal, Quebec

Saint John Training Centre | Saint John, New Brunswick

CFB Greenwood, Thorney Island Simulator Building | Greenwood, Nova Scotia


Perth Training Center | Perth, WA

United States

Mesa Pilot Development School | Phoenix, Arizona

Denver Training Center | Denver, Colorado

Jet Blue Airways | Orlando, Florida

CAE North East Training Center | Morristown, New Jersey

Virgin Airways | San Francisco, California

US Army Aviation Center of Excellence | Dothan, Alabama

CAE Business Aviation Training | Las Vegas, Nevada

Gulfstream Training Center | Savannah, Georgia

Atlas Air Training Center | Miami, Florida


Easy Jet | Milan, Italy

International Flight Training School - Ground Based Training System | Italy

CAE Gatwick Training Center | Gatwick, UK


Emirates Flight Training Facility | Dubai, UAE

Radban Acadamy Facility | Abu Dhabi

Hotsoff Helicopter Training | Bangalore

Beirut Health Care Training Center | Beirut

AirAsia Flight Training Centre | Kuala Lumpur


Caverton Off Shore Helicopter Training Center | Lagos, Nigeria


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