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JetBlue Airways Training Centre

Orlando, FL
JetBlue Airways
Cost of construction
116,000 ft² (10,777 m²)
Year of construction
Suitt Construction Company
JetBlue Airways is recognized in the aviation industry for the outstanding quality of the training it provides to its aircrews. Having already worked on a number of training centres, including facilities in Toronto and Denver, our firm was chosen by this U.S. airline company to design a similar centre at Florida’s Orlando International Airport.
The program for this turnkey project included administrative offices and space for eight flight simulators, eight Level 6 FTDs, two training cabins and a pool for liferaft exercises. The highly specialized building accommodates all pilots during their initial training and later during periodic sessions. Support technicians and flight crew are also trained here.
JetBlue Airways

JetBlue Airways
JetBlue Airways

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