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The multi-faceted collective

The multi-faceted collective

  1. Collaborative & multi-cultural
  2. Passionate
  3. Attentive

FIG. 1

Our identity perfectly illustrates our primary creative process: a collaborative approach that opens the way for the ideas, skills, and cultures of each and every member of the team. With more than 40 employees, our team encompasses members with Anglo- and Franco-Canadian roots, to staff with world-wide origins bringing a vast cultural range of talent to our collaborative. 

Members are welcomed into a diverse workplace for the richness they bring to the process.

The firm refers to itself as an "architects collective" specifically to reflect this particular reality.

FIG. 2

Both proudly creative and a passionate champion of technical detail, Figurr puts its heart into each of its architectural proposals and solutions. The architecture firm has an unquestionable passion for how it develops the work it creates.

FIG. 3

Focused on making its clients—rather than itself—look good, Figurr imbues itself in its clients' philosophy and aspirations. 

By taking the time to explore and draw from our clients’ very DNA, our team is truly able to create buildings and spaces that are an extension of Figurr's and our clients’ values.

Rick Rubin
FIG. 1

Stephen Rotman
FIG. 2

  1. Richard Rubin
  2. Stephen Rotman

Richard Rubin and Stephen Rotman have been contributing their time and talent to architecture since the 1980s.

In 1989, they decided to join forces to create the architecture firm of Rubin & Rotman. They quickly discovered the exponential effect of collaboration.

Over the years, they were joined by new associates. A team and a philosophy came together. Skills diversified, know-how was passed on. While Rubin and Rotman are still here, the duo is but one part of a vast equation.

The relevance of the name Figurr stems from the fact that it is an amalgam of the word “figure” and the initials of the firm’s founders.

The creative spirit of the two Rs has 

fostered the emergence of a whole larger 

than the sum of its parts: the Figurr 

Architects Collective


With this new generation of qualified and talented leadership, the architecture firm is continuing to pursue the excellence that it has espoused since its inception in 1989, ensuring the sustainability of its business and vision.

  1. Bruno Morin
  2. Pascale Tétrault
  3. Roberto Campos

Bruno Morin
FIG. 1
Pascale Tétrault
FIG. 2
Roberto Campos
FIG. 3

Bruno Morin (MOAQ) has been an architect for 25 years, including 21 with Figurr. He has worked on a wide variety of residential, institutional and commercial projects, as well as numerous projects for First Nations communities. The awards he has won for projects carried out in France and Canada and the success of the many corporate buildings he has designed in Montreal testify to his talent. The interior design of the Broccolini head office, which he oversaw, won the Best Office award in Canadian Interiors’ 18th Annual Best of Canada Design Competition. He recently designed the Maison des Régions project for the City of Montréal.

Pascale Tétrault (MOAQ, PA LEED C+CB, PMP) began her career as an architect 29 years ago and joined the team 20 years ago. She has substantial expertise in projects of major scope and complexity, including the design of institutional buildings, and she collaborates regularly on projects for First Nations. She is currently Project Manager for the Elementary School located in Chisasibi and the renovation of the Canadian Chancery in Ivory Coast.

Roberto Campos (OAA, MRAIC, ORSA) heads the architecture firm’s Ottawa office. He has 26 years of experience, including 12 with Figurr. In particular, he works on the design of recreational facilities, schools, institutional, commercial and large multi-unit residential buildings. Before joining the team, he completed multiple projects with renowned architect Douglas Cardinal, including the Aanischaaukamikw Cree Cultural Institute, winner of the 2012 Grand Prix de Design (in collaboration with Rubin & Rotman Architects).

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