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GlobalVision Head Office

Montreal, QC
Cost of construction
48,480 ft² (4,500 m²)
Year of construction
CTS Renovation
Photos: Stéphane Brügger
GlobalVision is a quality control platform for packaging workflow used by thousands of businesses worldwide to eliminate errors on packaging, optimize their quality control and catch mistakes before they're printed.

The transformation of an old industrial building into their new corporate offices highlighted an enrichment of the building's industrial character.

This renovation grasps the essence of the past, makes a contemporary intervention, and creates an elegant and innovative environment that will last through time.

The goal was to create light and airy workspaces through exploiting the ceiling height and adding new openings to the existing envelope.

With the focus on enhancement, the concrete floors were repaired and polished, while the steel structure and deck were painted white and exposed. To preserve the industrial character of the site, reuse of existing mezzanine steel gratings was one of Figurr's strategie. Reassembled as decorative components, the gratings allow for abundant illumination from a large new skylight. Directly below, and evolving according to the seasons and the time of day, the central café serves as a focal point of meetings and exchanges. This original design grasps the essence of the past, addresses sustainable practices and creates an elegant, collaborative and innovative environment.

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