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Waswanipi Community Centre

Waswanipi, QC
Cree Nation of Waswanipi
Cost of construction
70,000 ft2 (6,503 m2)
Year of construction
VCC Massénor / WEC Waswanipi Eenuch Constructions
A community center housing several amenities under the same roof to serve the community of all ages : this is the challenge that Figurr was able to accomplish with this project. The community center will help the elderly to remain socially active and develop bonds between young people in the community.

The project plan was decided in collaboration with members of the Waswanipi Cree community to gain a better understanding of the needs and fine-tune the requests.

The two-storey building offers various amenities: a seniors' lounge, children's play areas, a gym, craft rooms and administrative offices. 

The style of the building and the use of natural materials blend in perfectly with the surrounding landscape. The orange and yellow color palettes and the use of wood for the interior finishes add warmth to the building and warm up the landscape in winter. 

The extensive use of wood is also a reminder of the Cree Nation's cultural connection to the natural environment. The repeated vertical lines of its facades echo those of the surrounding forest, just as the horizontal glass panes reflect the slate and stone formations.