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Waswanipi Community Centre

Waswanipi, QC
Cree Nation of Waswanipi
Cost of construction
70,000 ft2 (6,503 m2)
Year of construction
VCC Massénor / WEC Waswanipi Eenuch Constructions
This 2-storey building located in the Cree First Nation community of Waswanipi provides a community meeting hall, an ice hockey arena and administrative offices. A public snack bar with seating, an elder’s lounge, play spaces for children, crafts rooms, and a fitness room provide meaningful opportunities for connection amongst the community.

Its style mimics the natural surrounding's formations and materials as it integrates into the indigienous landscape. Repeating vertical lines reflect the static pattern of the neighbouring evergreen forest and horizontal breaks in the glazing mimic slabs of slate or stone.
This recognition of the land and the environment addresses the essence and values of Cree culture.

The choice of an orange and yellow palette as well as the extensive use of wood for the interior finishes lends warmth to an often harsh winter climate while the wood also displays a more concrete link to the natural environment.