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COVID-19 - Our Commitment

March 16, 2020 - Announcement
Dear customers and business partners, To reduce risk to our employees and to do our part to limit spread in our communities of Coronavirus (COVID-19), Figurr Architects Collective wishes to inform you of the measures put in place.

Our two offices, in Montreal and in Ottawa, will remain open with minimal staff present. All members of our teams will continue to operate, whether at our offices with reinforced sanitary measures or remotely from their homes.

Figurr Architects Collective supports the request based on the latest recommendations from the government and with great caution, has recommended to all our employees who can work from home to do so. This measure is already in effect and will apply for at least the next two weeks.

Here are the preventive measures that we have asked our team to follow:

  1. All business trips outside of Quebec and Ontario, regardless of destination, will be canceled or postponed until further notice. This includes travel planned for client meetings or for attending conferences or other professional events.
  2. All personal trips outside Quebec and Ontario, regardless of the destination, should follow the official governmental regulations and may involve voluntary isolation before any return to work.
  3. We ask everyone to make all meetings with clients or business partners by conference call or teleconference. If a client meeting must take place in person as an exception, we ask that you register your visitors so that we can do the required follow-ups, if necessary.
  4. Site administration and supervision activities must be carried out remotely.

The measures described above are part of a collective prevention effort. Rest assured that we are continuously assessing the relevance of these measures, that we remain at your service, and that we will keep you informed as the situation evolves.

Thank you,

Figurr Architects Collective