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Three years on, where are we now?

November 26, 2021 - Announcement
November is Figurr Architects Collective's third anniversary. To celebrate, we asked the leadership team to reflect on the past three years, what they've learned, how far we've come, and what the future looks like for Figurr.

What does 'Figurr'mean to you?

"The change to Figurr Architects Collective has been a great success. The rebrand meant that we were part of something bigger than ourselves. It created an opportunity to build a lasting legacy." - Pascale Tétrault, Partner

Initially founded in 1989 under the name Rubin & Rotman Architects, the firm has grown into a 45-person office with projects worldwide. Today, Figurr is supported by the solid foundation built by our founding partners, Rick Rubin and Stephen Rotman. Over the past three decades, Figurr has developed its expertise and leadership in the aviation, institutional, corporate, and residential industries. The firm is also honoured to continue its longstanding relationship with the Cree First Nations of Northern Quebec.

The name 'Figurr' continues to reflect our collaborative spirit. The relevance of the name Figurr stems from the fact that it is an amalgam of the word “figure” and the initials of the firm’s founders. Without the support of our team, clients, and partners, none of our accomplishments over the past three years (or three decades!) would have been possible. We are honoured to work in this business and continue to be motivated by our core values: relationships, collaboration, transformation, consistency, and reinvestment.

What have been some of the challenges and opportunities over the past three years?

"We are a committed bunch driven by our passion for architecture and our clients. We approach every challenge as an opportunity for growth and development."- Rick Rubin, Senior Partner

The past 20-months have been a challenging time. But it has also taught us a lot about ourselves, our team, and our goals. With the shift to a remote work environment, the entire firm came together around the new reality and found innovative solutions through our collaborative work environment. We have stayed strong, continued to grow, and looked at all the opportunities available during this time.

"We have had the opportunity to work with some incredible clients over the past few years. This has allowed us to develop our expertise in the areas of sustainable design, community consultation, and overall user well-being." - Roberto Campos, Partner

Architecture is a constantly evolving field. We are committed to growing our expertise to support our clients. Every project is an opportunity to learn. As architects, we have the skills and opportunity to make a positive contribution.

What do you love about working at Figurr?

"What I love about working at Figurr is the collaborative spirit and learning experience. Every project is an opportunity to learn – about our clients, architecture, and society. I love to see how a design will evolve, from concept to the end result." - Maud Joubert, Associate

Figurr focuses on supporting the next generation of leaders. Investing in our team and our office is critical to success. We believe in giving people opportunities and sharing our knowledge. The concept behind branding the firm as a 'collective' was to illustrate our primary creative process: a collaborative approach that opens the way for every team member's ideas, skills, and cultures. We are committed to fostering a friendly and inclusive environment.

What does the future look like for Figurr?

"With our new leadership team in place, the future looks very bright. We are poised to impact architecture substantially—both in terms of building projects and processes." - Stephen Rotman, Senior Partner

We are constantly reflecting on our processes, our values, and our relationships. The rebrand to Figurr Architects Collective has been an opportunity to explore how we could build a legacy for the future generations of the firm. The future is wide open, and we are looking forward to continued collaboration with our clients and project teams now and in the future.